My name is Jing Jing and I am a Secondary 4 student studying at Nanyang Girls’ High School, located at the little red dot- Singapore. I take the Art Elective Programme as part of my personal interest and enrichment. My Co-curriculum activity is Gu-Zheng, a beautiful melodious chinese instrument.

Like they say,

“Pluck and Power, Strong and Gentle, Strings taut with emotions, Fingers free in Motion”

As part of my personal hobbies, I enjoy kayaking and baking.

The wordpress is set up for our Secondary Four Art Elective Programme Student Initiated Assignment (SIA).  I will be uploading my artworks here consistently. Please do leave a comment when you visit. Thank you & enjoy! (:

&most importantly, art is my life ♥

and my wish is to own a DSLR camera of my own, currently I take all photos with my Canon IXUS 65 (6.0 Megapixels)


4 Responses to “GIRL”

  1. nghuikin said

    HAHAHAHA HI JING. How come you also have a!?!?!
    ANYWAY I find your quote from the coffee table book DAMN FUNNY!!! woohoooo

  2. jinng said

    yes you know it even amuses me! T.T
    haha I can’t find any more 2D works to upload on wordpress):
    and and I prefer jinng to wujingjing so I shall stick to the former! 😀

  3. Anna said

    Hi Jing Jing,
    I accidently found your site but am so glad I did.

    Keep up the good work.

    Anna Rolin

  4. jinng said

    hello Anna! (:
    thanks for the comment, I just went to check your website! some of the paintings are real cool! I espescially like the traditionaln ones! watercolour’s the best! 😀

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