comments and criticism VI–lucy’s prawns

September 2, 2008

Lucy has done these prawns in charcoal, a medium which I have only used once before in my whole entire life! Don’t you think these prawns are just so cool? I especially like the shading of the prawns, it has been done in great  contrast to the background so that the prawns look 3D and realistic. The details of the prawns, such as the head region and the scales have been painstakingly drawn too by the artistic so that every single detail of the prawn has been accurately captured. Also, what I think Lucy has done relatively well is in her clean use of the paper. Although charcoal is a medium that is quite hard to manage, I feel that Lucy has done well as her artwork looks relatively clean and tidy. I also like the way in which the drawing has been composition-ed. The drawing has a diagonal line across it from the bottom left hand corner to the top right hand corner, to instill a sense of liveliness into the painting so that it does not appear too boring nor dull. The small “bumps” on the paper has also been shaded with the right tone so that it appears to be folded up at some of the parts. Great job Lucy!(:

for more of lucy’s works, please go to


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