coursework update

August 30, 2008

here is how the butterfly will look like as the end product, the process is super painstaking because I have to first print/colour photocopy out 240 butterflies, cut them up carefully, leaving out the antena areas because they are too thin. Then, I would have to paste two butterflies together and make sure that they fit and trim down the edges to make sure that no white parts would be seen. Then I would have to laminate the butterflies one by one and then I would have to cut them up again! O: Then I would have to paste the antena back together because some of then came off due to its super thin nature. However, I guess that everything’s worth it at the end of the day when you see your end product! I have made 60 of such butterflies in total, and I would be stringing 30 in one string and hanging them from the tree when they are done! The only problem is that the tree is way too tall and I would most probabaly have to make use of a ladder to hang them up!


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