Olympics Fever

August 21, 2008

With the Olympics going on and me cathing up on the Olympic fever I decided to do something Olympics-related! Afterall it comes only once every 4 years! By the way I totally love gluing myself to the TV and watching events like swimming/gym/synchronized swimming/diving/marathon/triathlon/badminton/table tennis! Athletes are so great! Although I am exactly that interested in athletics events I still do catch bits and pieces of it here and there! So many world records have been broken up til now, and more to go! (:

Anyway here’s what I have done. I was researching online for some nice traditional chinese 剪纸 which are related to Olympics which all came out to be 福娃, I decided, however, since its my first try at paper-cutting I should stick to something not so complicated, so I took out some red paper, which are thinner than the normal contruction paper but thicker than the 红纸 which we use to write the 对联 on during Chinese New Year celebration, and cut this!



7 Responses to “Olympics Fever”

  1. y1n9d@ said

    hey jing!! wow i didnt know you had such patience for this sort of thing!! XDD and the sort-of-fiery thing around the ‘京’ is so detailed! haha. OH I JUST REALISED THAT THE CHARACTER READS ‘JING’ TOO!!! HEEHEE so 自恋 hor! tsk tsk. XDD haha. but perhaps you should also include some meaning into your papercut, and not just curls and stuff besides the ‘京’. as in more representational cuts. yup. jiayou for your coursework! 😀

  2. xinyun said

    Heys Jingjing! I really like ur paper cutting! It may not be as complicated as the traditional ones, but it still looks really good, with the Beijing Olympics logo and stuff like the chinese knot(Is that right? I hope I didn’t see wrongly!)However, I think some improvements can be made to areas that are a little empty(E.g. Top left hand corner, extreme bottom area). Add a bit more patterns here and there, and this will probably make the whole thing look more complete! Anyways, good job for a first try!

  3. nghuikin said

    Jingjing! This paper cut is very nice! AS in really very very nice leh 😀
    It looks like it took a long time to do!
    Ok but the person (is it a person?) with the two eyes and hair flowing, looks a bit scary. Like a ghost…? Yer. But I like this very much!!! And the olympics logo also!

  4. jinng said

    yingda: actually I did not know I have such patience too! probably just inspired by the Olympic games! (:
    actually I did not exactly have any plan in mind when I started doing it, so I just did whatever that came to my mind! Yup, I think I could have included more meaning into the papercut rather than just the patterns! (:thanks for commenting!

  5. jinng said

    xinyun: yup! it’s supposed to be a Chinese knot! 😀 I think the composition is somehow a little imbalanced! I agree with you on the top left hand corner part and extreme bottom area part, they look especially empty next to the right hand side! will improve on that if I get a chance to work on more paper cuts! thanks for the comment! 😀

  6. jinng said

    ya it took me quite a long time! more than 3 hours? But it was done watching Olympics la so ya. mm I don’t really have any idea what that is! because I didn’t really plan what I wanted to do before I started, it looks like a snake to me now D:

  7. GUOSHU said

    NICE! i had thought that it’s a picture from the internet!

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