comments and criticism IV–theresa’ blends and collages

July 22, 2008

I have never been great with IT related artworks so I always admire people who are able to do so. Theresa’s surely one of them. As we can see from the blends and collages clearly, she has controlled her use of adobe photo shop really well. Also, I feel that collages are cool because unlike other types of art, we get to experiment with all sorts of different forms and are able to assemble them together.

Personally, I like the first and second collage/blend the best. Both have been done in different styles with different colour schemes and thus projecting the viewers with a totally different feelings. The first one gives me a sense of dreamy, artistic, fairytale feel, as more soft touches are added to the blend. The composition has also been well-balanced in way that it is neither too elaborate nor lacking in details. The whole work evokes a feeling of elegance and feminism. Also, the flowers fit perfectly into the blend.  The colour range is quite tamed and it gives one a very soothing feel. I think Theresa has also placed the larger shot of Kirsten Dunst’s face very strategically, as her gaze seems to follow the direction of radial stripes, thus giving it more depth.

For the second piece of work, I really like the refreshing, cooling, sporty feeling which it creates across for its viewers. The choice of dominant colour–blue is excellent as it represents “refreshing” and “lively”. Also, I feel that the choice of pictures/flowers/curls is great for the theme — “frolicking on the beach” and suits the theme well. Both pieces of works have the figures cut out nicely and precisely using the polygonal lasso tool found in adobe photoshop.

However, what I do not really like about the 3rd piece of work is that it feels a little too messy. The use of contrasting colours namely grey and blue on different sides of the college/blend also makes it appear as though it is made up of two pieces of work instead of one coherent whole. Dividing up the collage at almost the center part also makes it look rigid. Perhaps the artist could have re-considered her choice of colour scheme and also the “cutting line” between the two different segments of the collage. However, what I do find interesting about Theresa’s collages/blends is in her use of different views of the same person! Great job there!


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